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Family friendly home hacks

17 January 2022

Family Friendly Home Hacks

Sophie says...

“Balancing beautiful home design and living with little ones can be a challenge. Fortunately a few small changes can make all the difference to your home.”

For little artists

Arts and crafts is one of our favourite family pastimes and helps to fuel a love of creativity. We know the fridge is a popular spot for displaying kids artwork, but why not try creating a framed gallery wall instead? Your little one will be delighted to see their hard work gracing the walls of your home. Plus, all their... abstract designs are a fun way of adding colour and intrigue to your home.

Ideal for kitchens, playrooms or bedrooms, the artwork can be switched around as they grow and new interests take root.

Top tip: Use a mixture of simple white frames to create a modern and stylish look.

For mess makers

Sometimes it feels like kids are born with an inherent ability to make a mess no matter where they go, so the idea of mixing that skill set with snacks on the sofa - a recipe for disaster. From juice spills to chocolate smudges, there's no end to the potential stains your sofa faces day-to-day. For a long time the tendency to buy settees with fixed upholstery has caused cleaning options to be limited, but we're here to change all that.

By opting for a sofa with removable covers, you're adding a whole lot of convenience to your living room. When disaster inevitably strikes, simply whip off your covers and pop them into the washing machine for a quick clean and have a showroom ready sofa again ASAP. It also opens up a whole new world of lighter colour choices - even white! Or if your kids have a particular tendency towards mucky fingers, our range of Aquaclean fabrics can be spot cleaned with nothing more than water! Regardless of your choice, our range of quality removable cover furniture means no sacrificing on your décor choices and total peace of mind.

Sectional spaces

Whether its an office turned playroom or a set corner of the lounge, creating designated areas for toys and games is a great way to keep a sense of order to your home. Not only will kids love having a space of their own, but adding a on-trend cupboard or shelving unit means a quick tidy up can be done with ease - or at least hidden for a little while.

It's not only important for kids to have their own spaces though. Make sure to have a zone in the house that is just for grown ups. Designing a luxe-looking dressing room or guest bedroom can offer the perfect escape for those times that you just need ten minutes! 

Don't sweat the small stuff

Above all else, remember that mess is a part of family life! Scrapes, dents and stains do happen from time-to-time, but can nearly always be fixed. If not, they mark a memory to be treasured as your family grows up! A shift in mindset can be just as important as kid-proofing your home, so take a few deep breaths and enjoy the fun.


Here at Fable & Plumb, we specialise in furniture that is made for living. From movie night to pillow fights, we know the daily wear and tear your sofa can face and want to make sure you can sit back and relax with peace of mind. Order your free fabric samples today and start the story of your forever sofa.

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