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Why should I clean my sofa?

31 May 2022

Clean My Sofa

Sophie says...

“Though nobody wants to add another chore to their list, this once-in-a-while task can make a huge difference to your living space. ”

Dusting? Tick. Vacuuming? Tick. Unloading the dishwasher? Tick. Cleaning the sofa? You might be confused...

We all have our list of household chores, and whether you do them little and often or get them all out of the way in a single power hour, the last item on that tick list might make you take pause. Cleaning your sofa is something very few people think to do, but it can actually form an essential part of keeping your home fresh and extending the lifespan of your furniture. We've dived deeper into the importance of keeping your sofa clean and the best ways to do so.

Why should I clean my sofa?

Whether it's family games night, boxset bingeing or simply catching up with friends, our sofa is a key component in much of our downtime. Whilst your settee may look like it just needs some plumping, this frequent use can lead to spills, stains and a build up of dust and grime, which is not a seat that anybody wants to be sitting on! Whilst everyone tries to act quickly when it comes to spills and stains, choosing a fabric like Aquaclean adds extra reassurance as its in-built technology prevents stains from seeping into the fabric's weave.

Dust and grime can be a trickier issue to spot, as it often builds slowly and can't be seen easily. Whilst TV dinner can be a controversial topic, we've all been known to snack on our sofa and those crumbs can find their way into the nooks and crannies of your furniture frame - alongside small items like bobbles, pens, and even that remote that you couldn't find anywhere. Add to this the pet hairs and skin cells we shed everyday, and it's not sounding like the perfect spot for relaxation.

The overall build up of these particles can cause accelerated wear of your upholstery fabrics, and will lead to your sofa looking dingy and worn quicker than expected, which can be disappointing when you've invested in your suite. And let's not get started on the questionable smells! So how to go about preventing this? We've rounded up a few easy starting points.


Regularly brushing your sofa is a solid first step towards removing the crumbs and morsels of family life. Remember to fully remove your sofa cushions so you can get into all the intricacies of your settee's frame (you might want to wear some gloves for this!). A clean, dry cloth is most effective for this, or even a stiff brush for those stubborn spots.

Cleaning your light coloured sofa? Make sure to use a white cloth to avoid any transfer of dye.

Once you've gathered all the crumbs together, collect them by running a vacuum cleaner over your sofa. Not only will this remove the debris you couldn't reach, but will instantly leave your sofa feeling fresher. We'd recommend doing this every one to two weeks for maximum effect.

Washable wonder

In case you don't know, family friendly sofas are our speciality here at Fable & Plumb. Our number one hack? Machine washable covers. It's a wonder that has somehow gone under the radar, as the furniture world is dominated by fixed upholstery suites, but we're on a mission to change that. All our sofas come with fully removable covers (yes, even the frame cover) that can be washed at home! We may be biased, but it's definitely the quickest way to a cleaner, durable sofa with no sacrifice on style.

Washing your covers can be done as often as you want! Some of our customers wash their covers monthly, whilst others just have an annual refresh or spot clean where needed.

If your upholstery is fixed, don't worry! Chances are your cushion covers will be easily removable and can be popped in the washing machine for a refresh. As the section that sees the most wear and tear, this will have a huge impact on the overall cleanliness of your sofa. Always remember to check the label before washing your covers to avoid any shrinking or discolouration.

Have we inspired you to give your sofa a clean this weekend? Whilst it might seem like an extra task right now, you'll thank us when you see the difference! Maybe you're thinking it's time for a total change? Our range of sofas and chairs are all easily cleanable and designed to last a lifetime. Order your free fabric samples to start the story of your sofa.

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