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Is yellow the happiest colour?

15 September 2021

M2 997 X 707 Is Yellow The Happiest Colour

Sophie says...

“We've heard plenty about our interior choices sparking joy recently, but can one particular colour create more happiness than another? Apparently so!”

Sunshine, summer & joy

Vibrant and warming, there’s no denying that yellow is one of the more cheerful colours out there. Often associated with the warmer months of the year, it can be a great way of injecting a little sunshine into your interiors, but is yellow the happiest colour there is?

Well, according to researchers, yellow officially takes the top spot. By injecting yellow into your surroundings, your brain gets a boost of serotonin stabilising our mood and increasing our sense of well-being. In fact, some scientists suggest that our brain is inherently designed to associate yellow with sunlight and so boost our mood by reminding us of those happy summer days. With a somewhat gloomy October currently looming outside our windows, we definitely love any excuse to add a little sunlight and joy into our home!

Whether you’re planning to start small with scatter cushions or go all in on a yellow sofa, you can create key focal points throughout your home that not only look great, but are officially mood-lifting. 

How about the other colours?

If yellow isn’t your style, we’ve taken a quick look at what some other popular colours emulate in our homes...

Blue: The official colour of 2021, blue environments encourage the release of calming chemicals in the body, helping to sooth us. This makes it a great choice for home offices or bedrooms where a tranquil environment is essential.

Green: Having been on the rise for a little while now, green is an on-trend choice for your home decor and reflects a sense of renewal and nature into your home. Lighter shades of green have been connected with harmonious, well energised spaces, where darker tones typically reflect a more luxurious vibe.

Pink: Typically associated with feminine spaces, the versatility of pink has long been underestimated in interiors. Instigating feelings of love and comfort, it’s an excellent choice for adding a touch of subtle style to your home.

Purple: Much like pink, we think purple is often overlooked when considering your home's colour scheme. Great for making an impression in entranceways and offices, purple not only creates a sense of luxury but has been known to encourage feelings of confidence and creativity!


Do you agree with what colour psychologists have to say? Or do you have a colour you think sparks more joy than yellow?  Let us know!

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